Exposition d'oeuvres créées par la scénographe Sylvia Hatzl + concerts et performances


22.04 20:00

Performance – a fragile existence II – Raymond Delepierre – Silvia Hatzl Silvia Hatzl shares a fragile existence with Raymond Delepierre, electroacoustic composer. Her steps engage a dialogue between ages, cultures, clothes, and are echoed by the soundscapes of Delepierre. raymonddelepierre.com

27.04 20:00

Concert – Performance Jean-Paul Dessy – Silvia Hatzl Performance « AHNEN » de Silvia Hatzl avec Jean Paul Dessy musiquesnouvelles.com

28.04 20:00

Objets et Sonorités Expérimentales Raymond Delepierre Landscaper of sounds, he creates moments of listening, converts objects into vibration and into resounding bodies, inspires us to ‘hear’ sounds and noises through the ‘ear of a microscope’.

05.05 20:00

Concert de Piano Compositions de et par Josep-Maria Balanyà He performed in festivals during the concert seasons and on radio broadcastings in Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Cuba. balanya.net

06.05 20:00

Concert de Percussions et Scie circulaire Bernd Kremling (Percussion) The German percussionist is director of the Academy of Musical Pedagogy in Würzburg (D). He works with renowned conductors as Bernstein and Boulez, created a ‘Handy Orchestra’: a World Premiere. bernd-kremling.de C.A. Wasserburger (Kreissäge) Alles was ist, ist aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach scheinbar. Alles ist vergänglich. Alles ist Verlust. Hinterlassenschaft ist Vergangenheit. Das Seine in Rätsel. cawasserburger.de

07.05 14:00

Improvisations au Piano Jakob Hatzl A young artist with cerebral palsy hits the piano and plays mind blowing improvisations.

11.05 20:00

Concert de Violon – Interprétation de l’Univers d’Adolf Wölfli Baudouin de Jaer Baudouin de Jaer termine la composition de 5 sanjos pour Geomungo solo. Sub rosa sortira son double CD d’archives Lucy OPRL et Back To Normal June 91. Il prépare avec la CAB et la HEMU de Lausanne le décryptage de 100 des 5000 partitions d’Adolf Wölfi. ​compositeurs.be

12.05 20:00

Concert de Piano Compositions de et par Walter Hus Presenting his upcoming new record, the composer will play a recital with fingerbreaking new piano solo versions of his most radical, ruthless and romantic pieces from the eighties to now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvA4Ao3ZPro

18.05 20:00

Morton Feldman – For Bunita Marcus – Piano Stephane Ginsburgh Il se produit dans le monde entier et dans de nombreux festivals (dont Ars Musica), crée avec des compositeurs, chorégraphes et plasticiens. Enregistrements récents : Prokofiev, Feldman, Duchamp, Satie, Fafchamps, Toub. ginsburgh.net

19.05 20:00

Conférence Michel Thuns thuns.be

20.05 20:00

Concert de Percussion Pierre Quiriny

20.05 20:00

Compositions de Piano de Claude Ledoux Nao Momitani The pianist is especially renowned in contemporary music, combining acoustic and electronic production of sound, and in performances. CDs labels: Cyprès, Wallonie-Bruxelles Musique, Ostinato. naomomitani.com

26.05 20:00

Concert Piano et Musique électronique Nao Momitani – Gilles Gobert Gilles Gobert is currently professor of electronic composition at the Royal Academy of Music of Liège, lecturer of « computer-assisted Music », composition and assistant in « Writings » at the Royal Academy of Music of Mons. He is part of the LAPS ensemble and part of the laptop duo [KNAPP] with the composer Gilles Doneux. From these last years date some scores of vocal musics, instrumental or of mixed musics (instruments, voice and electronics) created among others festivals like Ars Musica, Images Sonores, Transit, Syntax (France), Warsaw Automn (Poland) or the Spark festival of electronic music and art (USA). http://www.compositeurs.be/fr/compositeurs/gilles_gobert/33/

Concerts de Caisse claire Seijiro Murayama He is a percussionist, active mainly in the field of non-idiomatic improvisation, electro-acoustic composition, multidisciplinary collaboration (words, images, body movements). He lived in France and Berlin, now in Japan.

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